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Committee News

National Centennial Committee

Centennial Survey

The National Centennial Committee is looking for ideas and feedback from members regarding how Kin Canada can celebrate and recognize reaching this amazing milestone: our Centennial Year / 100th anniversary, which occurs on February 20, 2020. The short Centennial Survey ensures that you, the members, are involved in the preparations and initiatives.

National Awards & Recognition Committee

Why Awards Matter

It’s extremely important that we award and recognize our fellow Kin for their accomplishments, achievements, personal development and for giving of themselves to our communities throughout our nation. Awards are available to help achieve this recognition and provide the best experience possible for our members.

National Club Support Committee

If you'd like to know what to expect from this Committee and why it exists, review the National Committees Summary.

National Marketing & Membership Development Committee

Marketing Your Club

Have you looked at the resources available in the Marketing folder? From templates, graphic standards and video info, to media relations tips and marketing your club/projects, we have many resources to help you succeed.

National Service Committee

District 8 Highlights

By: National Service Director Davina Thuroo
I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our hard-working National Service Committee this past year. They have ALL worked very hard at educating and encouraging our members’ participation on service initiatives and reporting. They have shown great leadership and initiative in accomplishing the results we are seeing in Service from those efforts. Working TOGETHER…it really works!

National Education & Training Committee

Kin-U Portal

Well the snow was gently falling in Cornwall, Ontario as the National Education and Training Committee recently met for a busy weekend of product development. Although the scene looked like something out of a Christmas movie it was not sugar plums dancing in their heads but rather Risk Management and Rules of Order.

After the announcement at National Convention of the new Kin-U learning and training portal, members have been clamoring to see what products are available. The requests for learning and training products are being heard and we are endeavoring to answer those requests. After a work filled weekend we are nearing completion of our learning products focused on Risk Management and Rules of Order with our first module due to go live during the 2nd week of December, with more to follow in the New Year. Feel free to check it out at www.kin-u.ca

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