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Hal Rogers Endowment Fund

HREF History

Kin Canada established the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund in memory of Hal Rogers, Kin Canada's founder who passed away in 1994. The HREF Board of Trustees carry out the Fund's purpose to promote, encourage and sponsor educational programs and activities.

Club Involvement

Kin Canada clubs are encouraged to spread the word about our bursary program to their local schools. Clubs can also make donations to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund to keep this program a success and provide much-needed financial help to Canadian students.

Learn more

Visit our Bursaries page for more information about the program, including the application process.


Kin Canada Bursaries

Kin Canada Bursaries, a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund, provides financial help to those seeking post-secondary education. 2014-15 marks the program's 20th anniversary

72 students received a $1,000 bursary for the 2015-16 school year.