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Online Insurance Reporting Form

Clubs will no longer receive their insurance reporting forms by mail. The link to your 2017-18 insurance reporting forms will be available in October 2017. Forms are to be completed by November 15


  • Read the 'How-To' Form Guide available here.
  • Click the link: The link for the 2017-18 form will be available in October 2017.
  • You will be prompted to enter a username and password.
    • Your username is your email address on file at HQ.
    • Your password will be your first initial of your first name and of your last name in CAPS with your member ID number. No spaces in between. Your member ID number can be found on the address label of your Kin magazine and on your club roster. You may need to add a "0" at the front of your number
  • Complete the form and hit submit to send it to headquarters. Once you hit submit you will no longer have access to the form.
  • Print out the confirmation of having completed the form for your records. 

The form is based on what your club expects to be relevant for the year of the upcoming year. Insurance Update 2016 will include projections of club events for the year 2016-17. Keep in mind, the events indicated on this form are not automatically covered by our insurance policy. Please ensure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure your event is covered.

If you have any questions, or would like a paper copy, please contact Mélanie Nieson at (800)742-5546 ext. 208 or email mnieson@kincanada.ca.

Quebec Clubs: Comment remplir le formulaire du rapport d’assurance-Mise à jour