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Join a Team

At the National level, members with specific skill sets work on special projects and act as a resource to fulfill the mandate of the related department by volunteering their time to a committee, board or resource group.

Most committees require that you apply for a position if you would like to join as a member. As opportunities arise, they will be posted on this site, the Get on Board Facebook group and CyberNews.

Visit our National Committees page for terms of reference, contact information and committee members, or download the National Committees Summary.

Current Openings

DLS Facilitator

This is a great opportunity to become more involved in the Association. Give back to your fellow members your valuable knowledge and experience and help our membership succeed. Details about the position are in the application.

Download the application either in PDF format to fill out by hand, or in Microsoft Word format to type directly in the document.

DLS Facilitator Application - PDF