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Milk for Britain Documentary

The Milk for Britain Documentary and its accompanying Teacher's Guide were released on August 19th at Kin Canada's National Convention, and are now available for school curriculum across the nation.

The documentary commemorates and celebrates the 75th anniversary of the influential Milk for Britain Campaign during World War II, which brought Kin and Canadians together to help an international community in need: Britain. With over 50 million quarts of milk sent and $3 million raised* (equivalent to $42 million today) to feed British children, the Milk for Britain campaign is a significant and inspirational piece of Canada's (and Kin's) history.

The Documentary

Learnography, (formerly Curriculum Services Canada), produced the Milk for Britain documentary, ensuring the 13-minute video meets the criteria for use in schools for children and youth in grades 7-12. The accompanying study guide, provides a more in-depth look at the facts of this awe-inspiring story.

Clubs & Members

Interested in getting involved? All Kin Canada clubs and members are encouraged to share the Milk for Britain story in their community and online to raise awareness about Kin’s work during the campaign and the documentary release, as well as their club’s current work today. To get a link to download please contact nesson@kincanada.ca.

Member Resources

Members can download Milk for Britain resources to help raise awareness of and promote the documentary locally.

Materials & Media

Download the media kit materials for more information and interesting details:

Read our Milk for Britain story, a timely and interesting article for audiences across the nation.

About Kin

Today, Kin Canada Clubs contribute an average $20 million and thousands of service hours to communities across Canada each year. Learn more about our impact.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more? Media, members, and others who would like to share our story or have questions about the campaign or Kin Canada, contact:

Nadyne Esson
Marketing Coordinator & KIN Magazine Editor
1-800-742-5546 ext. 204