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National Awards

Kin Canada Lifetime Achievement Award

Due: May 1

This Award is considered the highest Award in the Association. It is awarded to a member who has dedicated his or her Kin life to the betterment and the furthering of the Association and its goals.

Diane Rogers Kin Pride Award (DRKPA)

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's Diane Rogers Kin Pride Award. Stay tuned for the results!

Hal & Elspeth Rogers National Service Award

Due: June 30

Consult the marking guidline for information about scoring and requirements. 

Outstanding Kin Award

Due: June 30

If you know someone who embodies excellence in volunteerism through their contributions of leadership, inspiration and dedication to Kin Canada, consider nominating them for an Outstanding Kin Award

Founding Members Speaking Award

Please note: you must win at the Zone and District level in order to compete at the National level.

The Founding Members Speaking Award verification affidavit must be submitted 10 days after district convention or by June 30

Decew-Phee Outstanding District Award

Due: July 15

Currently under review

Quill Award

Due: June 30
Please note: entries must win at the District level and follow revised submission criteria.