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Portraits of Honour

Portraits of Honour mural

Jun0 Beach Centre in France 

Dave Sopha took the mural to the Juno Beach Centre in France where it was on display from September 21 to October 13, 2013.

A Simple Concept

To honour those who have given all for flag and country. To honour the families of those who have fallen while protecting the rights and freedoms of our global community.

Through the vision of Kin Canada Life Member Dave Sopha, every face he painted on the Portraits of Honour mural was the face of a daughter, son, mother, father, sister or brother. He helped Canadians realize we are now welcoming home a whole new generation of veterans who need our support and our compassion. There can be no denying the impact this mural of portraits had on the public, as well as the family of Kin.

The Impact

The Portraits of Honour tour raised $200,000 to support the Military Families Fund and established military charities that assist families of the fallen and the thousands of military personnel returning home with physical or emotional injuries.

Aside from the monetary impact of the tour, it touched thousands of Canadians’ hearts, educated the young and old, brought national attention to recognize our country’s heroes, forged partnerships from coast-to-coast and brought the family of Kin together again.

There simply is no measure for the impact the Portraits of Honour mural and tour has made. Like the heroes the mural honours, we, in Kin, will never forget.

POH Summary Report 2017


The Portraits of Honour Tour was a Kin Canada National Project. The tour featured a 9.5' x 42' hand-painted mural depicting the 158 Canadian soldiers, sailors and aircrew who lost their lives serving in Afghanistan.

The mural was created by Cambridge (Preston) Kinsman and artist Dave Sopha. It took over 6,500 hours to paint.

Fundraisers are currently in progress to fund sending the POH mural to the Canadian Juno Beach Centre in France.

The Tour

The tour began on May 28, 2011 in Kitchener, Ontario and the last stop was on December 10, 2011, in Cambridge, Ontario. The mural traveled 47,000kms, paying respect to Canada’s 158 fallen soldiers, sailors and aircrew from 120 different locations across the country.

The tour stopped at an astounding 118 communities but its impact did not end there; countless other Canadians who weren’t able to see the mural in person followed the story and sent their heartfelt words of encouragement and thanks. This recognition has continued long after the tour’s final stop.

Newlyweds Prince William and Duchess Catherine viewed the mural during the Calgary stop of their visit to Canada. The Royal Couple laid a wreath at the base of the mural and talked to Dave Sopha and the tour’s organizing committee.