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Preferred Fundraising Partners

Kin Canada’s Preferred Fundraising Partners provide our clubs with products or services that are designed to help the clubs raise funds for their various projects and charitable activities. Currently, our two Preffered Fundraising Partners are:

Vesey's Bulbs

Vesey's Fundraising Program has been serving thousands of groups across for the past 30 seasons. Considered Canada's GREEN Fundraiser, this program features the sale of bulbs, plants, and seeds. Every group that participates earns 50% of everything they sell. Vesey's covers all additional costs including freight and we're pleased to provide free delivery bags for each of your customers. There is NO risk to any group that participates since all the promotional material you need is absolutely free. Plus, you don't send payment until after your sales have been made. Nothing could be simpler.

Find out more at www.veseys.com/fundraising   1-800-363-7333  Email:alma@veseys.com

Ultimate Fundraising Inc.

Kin Canada is a proud partner of Ultimate Fundraising Inc. Ultimate is a Canadian company based in British Columbia.

Ultimate Fundraising is committed to providing your club with excellent fundraising programs and invites you to visit the Ultimate Fundraising website to learn more about the over 20 programs that may work best for your club. Call Ultimate, toll free, at 1-888-489-8122 for more information about their great fundraising opportunities.

Ultimate's top 5 fundraising programs are:

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Pre-portioned Cookie Dough
  3. World’s Finest Chocolates
  4. Jack Link's Beef Jerky
  5. Coffee and Beverage Program
Ultimate Fundraising logo

First Aid Kits – Help Build A Safer Community

The First Aid Kit Program offers your club an opportunity to sell 10 different kits and make a profit of $5 on each. The kits sell for $15 to your supporters. This fundraiser promotes safe communities and is one of Ultimate's most popular new programs. Your club and your supporters will thank you for offering it!

Check out the First Aid Kit video here.

Note: This program is available in all provinces with the exception of Quebec and New Brunswick.
First Aid Kit fundraiser

World's Finest Chocolates

These chocolates are made from scratch from the finest ingredients in a peanut-free facility. The bars are either peanut and nut free or peanut free. There is a 50% profit on each sale.

If you are looking for a proven fundraiser, this is the program for you.
Chocolate almonds fundraiser

Coffee and Beverage Fundraiser

This is a perfect program for the holidays and any time of year. The Fairly Traded 100% Organic Coffee and Beverage fundraiser is a perfect way to raise funds for your club while providing a quality product to your supporters.

Coffee is provided in 1lb bags, in 13 different flavors and in 5 different styles – whole bean, fine grind, filter, percolator or espresso. There is a $5 profit per coffee bag and $1 on tea and hot chocolate sales. Run this program as a one-time or ongoing fundraiser.

Learn more about Ultimate's Sustainable Income Plan and Bonus Plans here.
 Coffee fundraiser


Kin Canada is a proud partner of RainBarrel.ca. Kin Clubs can easily set up a rain barrel sale, a fundraiser program designed to give a good return on your fundraising initiative.
 Rain Barrel

What is a rain barrel?

RainBarrel.ca’s eco-friendly, recycled food grade plastic barrels have been repurposed to collect rainwater from homeowners’ roofs in order to use it on dry days to water gardens, wash cars, clean up outdoor messes and more.

How does a Rain Barrel sale work?

Your group begins to promote a rain barrel sale event now to be held about five weeks later.  The actual distribution requires a 3 to 4 hour window of time when customers pick up barrels at a volunteer-run event.  We provide all training materials to run an effective sale and we use our experience with over a hundred non-profit groups to help you succeed.

Rainbarrel.ca will design a webpage for your organization linked to our homepage. This is where your customers will be able to pre-order their rain barrels.  Your primary responsibility is to advertise the sale and the website link.

Our experienced professionals can help to tailor a message about your event that will suit your needs. We will also assist you in promoting your sale with flyer templates, handouts, on social media such as Facebook, and in placing ads on popular websites, such as Kijiji and Craigslist.  RainBarrel.ca’s “how-to” manual guides you through these and other activities to make your event a success.

People who visit your webpage are introduced to your organization, learn why you are fundraising, obtain information about the rain barrels and learn about rain barrel pick up instructions.  They click on a button to register either a cash order (to be paid for at your event) or a prepaid order (paid online at time of ordering, using a credit card, debit card or PayPal account).

Get started today!

For more information about cost to your club, potential profit, what happens on the day of your rain barrel sale and how to set up a rain barrel sale, click here or contact Leah at Leah@RainBarrel.ca or call 905-545-5577.