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Kin Canada produces several National publications, some for members-only and a magazine for both members and non-members.

These publications provide helpful information and tips on running events and projects, share club successes from coast-to-coast, include important information and much more.



KIN Magazine

KIN Magazine is now printed and online two times a year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Highlights include coast-to-coast club news, member accomplishments and informational articles to help clubs succeed.
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Internal newsletters are distributed by email to members and clubs. CyberNews is a monthly e-newsletter and KINnections is a quarterly publication that includes need to know information for members and clubs, such as form due dates and upcoming National projects and campaigns.
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Annual Report

Our annual report highlights our achievements and financial information for each fiscal year. Our fiscal runs from July 1 to June 30. The annual report is available in time for our Annual General Meeting in August. Read more