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The Kin Canada National Awards program unites club members and generates club pride. Members have the opportunity to receive awards at the individual, Club, Zone, District and National levels. Awards are designed to facilitate competition and to encourage members to maximize their personal and professional development in Kin.

Mission Statement

To promote a program which stimulates, encourages personal development and leadership while recognizing integrity and achievement within the Association.

National Awards Program 2017/18

A new program is now available. It has been updated to reflect changes as of January 30, 2018.

Award Deadlines

List of deadlines for each award.


National Awards

These winners are selected by the National Staff from the pool of submissions and are presented at Kin Canada's National Convention. These awards recognize the hard work and contributions of individuals and of the various levels of member teams across Canada.

HREF Ambassadors of Learning Award 

This award recognizes one club per year that has demonstrated a commitment to raising funds and awareness for the Kin Canada Bursary Program. 


Personal Awards

Personal awards allow members to learn new and strengthen current skills as they become more involved in the Organization.

Recognition Awards

This category of awards recognizes all Clubs and Districts that submit qualifying affidavits.