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It's the Perfect Time to Thank Your Volunteers

April 19, 2013
By Bick Trinh

This Sunday marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week (NVW)! From coast-to-coast, volunteer organizations are celebrating the efforts of their volunteers.

We’re wondering how our clubs are celebrating NVW. Don’t have any plans? Here are some easy tips to make this a fun, week-long event:

Volunteer Wall of Fame

  • Dedicate a specific wall or board that is highly visible and use it to highlight your members and volunteers
  • To give the wall a WOW factor, complete the board with photos and accolades before the club meeting. When members and volunteers arrive, they can see how they contributed to the club in a positive light!

Hand-Written Thank You Note

  • You don’t have to write an essay, a simple note with some personalization to thank your members
  • If you have volunteers (non-members), add some info in the thank you note about your next event and how they can help

Potluck Volunteer Dinner or Dessert Party

  • Ask members and volunteers to bring a snack or something to share to your next meeting
  • Spend 5-10 minutes going around the room and share how each and every member and volunteer has contributed to the club
  • Conclude the night with a group photo – go team spirit!


  • If your club has extra social funds, spend the money on some goodies or have a draw for a prize
  • Giveaways don’t have to be extravagant or expensive; something small and personalable can do the trick
  • Add a little thank you note to give that extra punch!

Online Thank You Note

  • There are many avenues to recognize your members and volunteers, and social media is one that can reach a lot people

Spread Your Thanks Around

  • Community boards, local radio stations and newspapers are always looking interesting news. Since volunteerism impacts your community, submit a letter to the editor highlighting all the accomplishments your club has achieved (it’s NVW so it’s timely!). Add a list of members and volunteers.

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