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National Committees

National committees, consisting of Kin Canada members and a staff liaison, work on special projects and act as a resource to fulfill the various mandates for each department at Kin Canada, as well as help achieve goals set out to further the Association.

Review the National Committee Overview for details about each committee's purpose and responsibilities.

Join a Committee

Visit our Join a Team page for a list of committee opportunities or contact the staff liaison listed in the table below.


National Awards and Recognition Committee

The goal of this committee is twofold. First, this Committee will ensure Kin Canada provides a meaningful method of recognition to distinguish those members who reflect excellence in their contribution to Kin-life. In addition the committee will ensure Clubs, Zones and Districts are recognized for meeting and exceeding the expectations of the Association.

The committee is tasked with ensuring Kin Awards reflect the highest of ideals in individuals and in the operation of Clubs, Zones and Districts.

For more information, please contact Bas Zak at bzak@kincanada.ca or call (800) 742-5546 ext. 209. You may also contact Committee chair Debbie Kruger at debbiekruger1224@gmail.com.

Current Members

  • Debbie Kruger, Chair
  • Hollee Babcock
  • Pam Moncrieff
  • Brenda Dooley
  • Bas Zak, Staff Liaison
  • Mélanie Nieson, Staff Liaison

National Education and Training Committee

The goal of this committee is twofold. First, this committee is to ensure Kin Canada's training and education programs contribute to the development of its members in such a way that their lives are positively impacted both internally and externally to Kin. The second goal is to prepare members to fulfill leadership roles within their Clubs, Zone, District and National level.

For more information, please email education@kincanada.ca or contact Grant Ferron at gferron@kincanada.ca or (800) 742-5546 ext. 216.

Current Members

  • Terri Iredale, Chair
  • Melodie Morgan-Lemoeligou
  • Lee Burry 
  • JM LeMoeligou 
  • Brian Cooper
  • Executive Director Grant Ferron, Staff Liaison

National Club Support Committee

This Committee will focus on developing resources that help contribute to a positive “Club Life” experience and improve member engagement and satisfaction.

For more information, please contact Lindsay King at lking@kincanada.ca  or (800) 742-5546 ext. 212.

Current Members

  • Doug Christiansen
  • Jody Foster
  • Lucie Fuller Boissonneault
  • Marley Hanishewsky
  • Vicki Chalker
  • Lindsay King, Staff Liaison

National Marketing & Membership Development Committee

This Committee will focus on developing resources and activities related to promoting Kin Club membership as well new Charters.

For more information, please contact Grant Ferron at gferron@kincanada.ca or (800) 742-5546 ext. 216.

Current Members

  • Micaela Thompson
  • Ashley Fox
  • Kim Schmidt
  • Executive Director Grant Ferron, Staff Liaison
  • Krista Nicol, Advisor

National Service Committee

The Commitee will develop and communicate national service plans that will contribute to Kin Canada being the premier service organization in Canada and better enable clubs to increase their service impact on communities.

As well, on an on-going basic, the Committee will also identify and explore new and bold opportunities for Kin Canada to have meaningful impact nation-wide while continuing to fostering our relationship and support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

For more information, please contact Christine Stahl at cstahl@kincanada.ca or (800) 742-5546 ext. 215

When Kinsmen and Kinettes first joined the fight against CF in 1964, children with the disease were not expected to live past the age of 4. But today, children and young adults with cystic fibrosis are often living into their mid-50s and beyond. An extra year of life for a CF child has been earned for almost every year of Kin support. Cystic Fibrosis Canada could never have come so far, so fast, without the continued support of Kin.

Read more about the Kin-CF partnership

Service Directors

  • Penny Lees-Smith, National Service Director
  • Tammie Corbett, Chair, National Kin/ Cystic Fibrosis Canada
  • D1: Bea Crowley & Tim Natyshak
  • D2: Pat Moldowan
  • D3: Michelle Jaindl
  • D4: Rick Kuzyk
  • D5: Anita Llewellyn
  • D6: Monte Yancey
  • D7: Terry Janes
  • D8: Cherie Anderson & Gary Newton