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Donate to Kin Canada Bursaries

Thanks to your donations, since 1994, 1,212 students across Canada have been given support to follow their dreams. You have made it possible for students to overcome personal and financial barriers to reach for the stars.  

We need your continued help to ensure young Canadians don’t have to choose between having food to eat and buying textbooks for class. Your contribution can help change a Canadian student’s life forever.

Donate online or contact Christine Stahl by email at cstahl@kincanada.ca or phone 800-742-5546 ext. 215 to make a donation.

We encourage all individuals and companies to consider donating to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. It is a simple and practical way to invest in the future. Your gift, large or small, will have an impact on the lives of Canadians for years to come.

Donations to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund

Your personal donation is also tax deductible. Planned giving (including bequests, insurance policies and memorials) is a personally rewarding way to maximize available tax, financial and estate benefits.

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"My Hal Rogers Kin Canada bursary money was put to good use, going straight to tuition, text books and lab materials. I'm a first-generation university student. My father suffered a heart attack just before my university days, and with two other siblings in college/university, it was a bit difficult to say the least. The bursary helped out a lot.

"As a former recipient, I'm one of the top 10 young conservationists in Canada. I've won the Canadian Youth Environmental Leadership Scholarship for 2014, and have founded two leading environmental organizations."

-Bursary Recipient