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Do I need to be a Kin member or affiliated with a Kin Club to apply?

No, you do not need to be a Kin Canada member or be affiliated with a club to apply.

I am a mature student, Can I apply?

Yes! No matter your age or what year of study you are entering, you would be eligible if you will be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program.

I am studying a trade, can I apply? 

Yes! Students who are enrolled full-time or intend to enroll full-time in any recognized University, College, Trade School or Technical Institute are eligible. 

Do I need to send anything else with my application (transcript, letter of reference etc.)?

No. All that is required during the application process is the completed application form. Only after recipients are selected and notified will they be asked for additional documentation (proof of citizenship, SIN and proof of enrollment).

I have not received my acceptance letter from schools yet, what should I put for “Proposed Program of Study”?

Please put the school and program that you would choose if you were accepted into all that you applied to. We know the application deadline is early, and do not hold it against applicants if their listed school or program changes. This section just gives up a better idea of your plans and helps you to complete the school expenses section. 


Why is my family’s financial information needed?

A bursary is based largely on financial need. The financial information for you and your family, as well as your community involvement, knowledge/research about Kin Canada and any other additional information provided are taken into account during the scoring of applications. To find out more about the difference between bursaries and scholarships, as well as tips for a successful application check out our blog post: Scholarships and Bursaries

Is there a max word limit? Can I add extra pages? 

There is no maximum word limit. You may add extra pages as needed, but please make sure all pages and questions are clearly labeled.

How do I find out where my local club is? If there isn’t a Kin Canada club in my area, where can I find information and where should I send my application?

Visit our Find a Club page for locations of clubs across the country and for the contact information of your local club. If there are no clubs in your community, please send your application to a club in a nearby community.

Is there anywhere I can drop off my application?

No. Clubs are volunteer-based and meet only a few times per month. Most do not have permanent locations, so applications must be mailed or emailed to the local club. Please make sure to take this into account when preparing and sending your application.

Can I email my application to a club? 

Yes, however please give yourself enough time to mail it if necessary. Email addresses change frequently and although Kin Canada attempts to ensure they are accuarate on the site, we cannot guarantee all email addresses are up-to-date. Mailing addresses are more consistent and reliable. 

Can I send my application directly to bursary@kincanada.ca?

No. The initial round of scoring is performed by your local club. All applications must come through a club or they will automatically be disqualified. 

Does the application have to be received by February 1 or can it be post-marked by then?

Applications should be received by February 1. To ensure your application is received by your local club by that date, we encourage you to mail your application by January 15. 

When will I find out if I have been selected to receive a bursary?

Recipients will receive a  formal notice in the mail by June 30th, but applicants may be notified on the status of their application prior to that date. 

I did not receive a Kin Canada Bursary this year. Can I reapply next year?

Yes we encourage you to reapply next year.


Do you have any additional questions that are not answered here? Contact us at: bursary@kincanada.ca