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Certificate of Insurance

NOTE: We have noticed recently that some of the certificates have ended up in email junk box.  If you are not seeing your certificate in your inbox please check your junk box.

Certificate of Insurance Request form   
*Note: you will need to log in to iKin to view the form.
If you have trouble logging in please contact Melina or Carmen for assistance. 

Please note that an additional premium may be required. A two weeks notice is recommended.

Income Taxes

T2 Short - income tax filing 2015
T2 Short - income tax filing 2016

Guide to completing T2 short return 2016

T2 Short Return Form 2016 (Example)

 -> Disclaimer

Where to Send your T2 Return

Incorporation Filing for Ontario Clubs

Schedule 546 - change in directors and officers

RC59 - Consent form

Letter received by clubs re: tax filing


Please note: If you are an Ontario club, all three of these forms should be completed and returned to Revenue Canada when doing your annual filing (T2 short, Schedule 546 and RC59).