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Great Canadian KINdness Challenge

Canada needs more kindness, especially after the past year. This year Kin Canada will be hosting the Great Canadian KINdness Challenge.

The challenge will ask all Canadians to do something kind for someone, whether it be family, a friend, a neighbour, or a stranger. Kind acts can be anything from sending an encouraging note, to shovelling a driveway, or making a donation at a local charity. The goal of the challenge is to have a day where people all across Canada do kind acts and then share what they did on social media in order to inspire others to be kind too.

How to participate:

  1. Check on Facebook if your local club is doing something special for the Challenge. To find your local club, visit our Find a Club page. Also, follow our national Facebook page @KinCanada for Canada-wide challenge updates. For kindness ideas, check out our blog post 14 Easy Ways to Spread Kindness.

  2. Do something kind on February 20, 2021. Please make sure to follow your local health and safety guidelines for all kind acts. 

  3. Post a story/picture of your kind act on Facebook. Be sure to follow the instructions for your local club’s challenge as well as to use the hashtag #KinKindnessChallenge to be entered into a draw to win:
      • A $250 gift card to Home Hardware
      • One of three $100 gift certificates to a local business of your choice

    4.  Come back to our Facebook page on February 22, 2021 to find out the winners of the challenge. The winners will also be posted here. 

Questions? Contact Christine Stahl at cstahl@kincanada.ca