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Bursary Applications: Club Selection by March 1

There was a lot of last minute activity with students sending their Kin Canada Bursaries applications to Clubs. Remember: You may receive applications postmarked on or before February 1st. Clubs must send their selected applicant to HQ by March 1st, so some applications are still on their way. Use the Club Evaluation & Submission Forms found in the Bursary Package to score applications. You will need to log-in to download this document; it's private and for Clubs only.

Kin Sales Seasonal Promotion

We're offering limited time products in our first-ever Kin Sales Fall/Winter Promotion. Fill out the online order form or download and email or mail in the PDF form. You'll be contacted with the total cost including shipping and taxes, and can pay by cheque or credit card.


National Day of KINdness Resources

National Day of KINdness is coming up fast. From social media graphics to promotion and low-/no-cost kindness ideas, participating in National Day of KINdness is fun and easy. This National project has grown each year, with 141 clubs participating in 2015. Access the NDK Resources now.

New Member Discount Program

We've launched a new Member Discount Program through Perkopolis, which offers a large and varied selection of products and services at a discounted price - a benefit for simply being a member of Kin Canada! You need to do a one-time log in to access the Member Discount Code. Once registered with the code, you can go directly to Perkopolis to access deals whenever you want.

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