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Using the information and links below, you can download and complete the mentor application and mentor nomination form. Through the Kin Canada mentoring program, a Mentor will:

  • Take a personal interest in and help an inexperienced member (Mentee)
  • Serve as a coach, confidante and role model reflecting Kin Canada’s stated values
  • Offer knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom useful to the Mentee
  • Help someone become successful and learn new skills themselves
  • Is generally available, patient, sensitive, respectful, flexible, supportive, knowledgeable and confident

Have further questions about our mentoring program? Consult our Mentoring Program Handbook or view our Mentorship Video.

Mentor Application Form

This application will be used to compile a database of members interested in becoming mentors to others.

Mentor Nomination Form

Use this form to nominate someone you think would make a great mentor. 

Mentee Application Form

Interesting in finding a Kin mentor? Fill out the above application and request to be matched.