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National Director Candidates 2018

The National Board of Directors are pleased to announce the 2018 National Director Candidates! 

ND Candidates
Each of them bring skills and competencies that will move our Association forward in its strategic plan.

Please see the videos below to get to know each candidate better. Their contact information is available and you are encouraged to reach out to them to help you make an informed decision before voting. 

You can vote for up to 4 candidates at National Convention 2018 in Sarnia, Ontario. 

If you have any trouble viewing the videos, please contact marketing@kincanada.ca for assistance.  

Candidate Videos

Jason Andrews

To learn more about Jason, contact him at andrews.jason@icloud.com.

Lucie Boissonneault

To learn more about Lucie, contact her at lucieboissonneault@hotmail.com.

Eli Rizk

To learn more about Eli, contact him at mr.elirizk@gmail.com.

Darrell Cooper

To learn more about Darrell, contact him at dcooper@fastenal.com.

Cameron Kemp

To learn more about Cameron, contact him at cameronkemp@cjklaw.ca.