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Charter a Club

Interested in starting a new Kin or Kin Campus club?

We can help!

Benefits:New Club Charter Kit Part 1

  • Opportunities to network with community leaders
  • Event management and leadership training
  • National awards programs
  • National and district conventions
  • Exclusive member benefits and more!

It's a great opportunity to change lives, make a difference in your community, and get support and training from an established, respected, and nationwide Association.

Your new club can choose which projects and fundraisers to organize. You also get to decide where the funds that you raise go.

Many of our clubs support individuals or families in need, sponsor youth sports and breakfast programs, build parks and community facilities, and so much more! Kin Canada provides all the tools and support you will need to successfully charter and manage your club.

Your club members decide what projects to do in your community and all funds stay local.

Are you ready to get started on your journey of chartering a new Kin club? Request more information

Have you already completed the investigation and promotion stages of chartering? Proceed to the next step by officially applying for your Kin Canada charter


Contact us at kinhq@kincanada.ca or call 800-742-5546 x201.