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Post-secondary education is expensive. Let us help!

Since its inception in 1994, $1,291,000 has been awarded to 1,287 students across Canada. The amount disbursed in any one year depends on the balance of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund and its governing laws.

Kin Canada Clubs play a vital role in the Kin Canada Bursaries program. They make donations to grow the fund, which affects how many bursaries are awarded each year.


Bursary Recipient Feedback

"Thank you for the opportunity to share my gratitude for the Kin Canada Bursary! It was a load off my shoulders worrying less about my tuition because of this scholarship. I'm able to fully concentrate on my final year's studies. The time this scholarship saved from working allowed me to volunteer with the local science centre, the Alberta Children's Hospital, the Women's Resource Centre at the university, and as a peer helper."

"My friends and I established the Kin Campus Club of Calgary at the University of Calgary in fall 2013. We are already brewing fundraising events for the new semester."


Kin Canada Bursaries is a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. $1,000 bursaries are awarded to Canadian students from coast-to-coast who are pursuing post-secondary education.
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Each year, applications are posted early fall and are due February 1 to the club closest to the student applying. Clubs submit one application to the Board of Trustees and those selected are notified by June 30.
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The number of bursaries awarded each year depends on the Fund’s balance. The Hal Rogers Endowment Fund depends on donations from Kin, Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs, as well as individuals.
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Registered Charitable Number: 118951177RR0001