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Canadian Blood Services

Kin Canada’s Blood Donation Efforts

Kin Canada joined the national Partners for Life program at Canadian Blood Services in 2014. Since becoming a national partner, Kin Canada clubs have donated over 6000 units of blood and blood products and annually support organ donation awareness. Out of 5,000 partners with Canadian Blood Services, Kin Canada is in the top 10 for donations and continues to surpass our goal of units donated each year. 

Clubs across the country donate towards an annual pledge through the www.blood.ca partners portal. The Kin Canada team invites club members and their friends and families to join and support Canada’s Lifeline.

Our Pledge

In the 2021-22 Kin Year, we pledge to donate 1859 units of blood.   

If you have not yet joined your District team in the Partners for life program the new process is very simple.

  1. Set up an account on blood.ca or on the Give blood app
  2. Select “partners” from the menu
  3. Select “join a team” and search Kin Canada – your districts will appear
  4. Select the district you wish to join, and you are all done

Once you join the team, all your donations will be included in the district totals.

If you want to set up your club so that you can book club donations contact pfl@blood.ca