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Charter a Club

Interested in starting a new Kinsmen, Kinette, Kin or Kin Campus club?

We can help!

Benefits:New Club Charter Kit Part 1

  • Opportunities to network with community leaders
  • Event management and leadership training
  • National awards programs
  • National and district conventions
  • Exclusive member benefits and more!

It's a great opportunity to change lives, better your community and get support and training from an established, respected and nationwide Association.

Your new club can organize projects and events, such as raising funds to support individuals or families in need, sponsoring sports teams and building parks and community facilities. Kin Canada provides the tools and support you need to charter and run your own club.

Your club members decide what projects to do in your community.


Get started

Serve your community's greatest need today!

Download the Kin Canada Charter Kit
Part 1: Investigation Phase

Download the Kin Canada Charter Kit
Part 2: Promotion Phase

If your club would like to sponsor a new club, download the Sponsoring Club Part 1: Investigation Phase

Kin Campus Club Charters

Interested students can find all they need to know on our Kin Canada Campus Club page.

Clubs interested in sponsoring a Kin Campus Club can download Campus Club Charter Kit: Sponsoring Club


Contact Melina Hayward, Member Services, at mhayward@kincanada.ca or call 800-742-5546, ext. 201.