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Local Impact

Kin Canada supports a number of national projects, however, the majority of funds raised and service projects done by Kin clubs assist a club’s local community.

Clubs independently determine what needs in their community they would like to assist with and often partner with municipalities and/or local non-profit organizations to meet those needs. The projects vary from clubs to club, but some examples include:

  • Providing funds to hospitals and local organizations
  • Supplying resources or services to local schools
  • Assisting with the building of community housing
  • Building play structures, splash pads and recreation facilities
  • Organizing Christmas parades
  • Holding toy and food drives
  • Hosting community carnivals, festivals or events

During our 2017/18 Kin year, clubs raised over $19 million for their local communities and donated over 416,000 hours of their time.