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Member Development

Kin Canada offers our members opportunities for personal and professional development. Many members across the nation greatly benefit from the programs, projects and events that encourage and guide growth at the local to national level.

National Awards Program

The National Awards Program recognizes members and the various executive teams across Canada for their hard work, dedication and impact.

The program helps:

  • Members develop and learn new skills, including public speaking
  • Assist clubs in running and functioning effectively
  • Create a positive, strong club culture
  • Recognize commitment to membership growth within the Association and each member's impact on their local and national communities
  • Encourage service work
  • Reward clubs that meet administrative requirements
  • Recognize excellence in volunteerism

Local, provincial and national training opportunities

  • Develop leadership skills for roles such as secretary, treasurer, vice president and president at all levels of the Association
  • Attend workshops on grant writing, website development, fundraising tactics, etc.
  • Develop people skills such as volunteer management, conflict resolution and project management
  • Learn Roberts Rules of Order

Event planning and fundraising   

  • Organize, co-chair or chair fundraisers and special events
  • Develop skills in areas such as event planning, promotion and media relations

Contact Us

Contact Kin Canada at kinhq@kincanada.ca or call 800-742-5546. Or, use our interactive map to find a club in your area today!


Learn more about getting involved with Kin Canada or becoming a member.

"Becoming a Kinette 18 years ago was the best decision I have ever made. It has given me confidence that I never knew I had. Serving the community's greatest needs has become my passion. I can't think of any other career or organization that would open these doors." -Member, Red Deer Kinette ClubMember Development