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Bursary recipient collage

Kin Canada Bursaries, a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund (HREF) is proud to
have disbursed bursaries to 1212 students across Canada since its inception in 1994. 

This year, Kin Canada Bursaries awarded 123 $1000 bursaries to deserving students across Canada for their 2020-21 school year. Successful applicants were chosen based on their community
and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada and financial need. See the 
list of
recipients below. 


Named Bursaries

The Hal Rogers Endowment Fund disburses a number of named bursaries in honour of people/organizations who have shown support for Kin Canada Bursaries through their financial commitment and or advocacy for the program. 

Diane Rogers
   The Diane Rogers Bursary for Excellence

    The Diane Rogers Bursary for Excellence was established in 2019 to honour the longstanding contributions and     
    support of Diane Rogers to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. 
Diane Rogers is the daughter of Kin Canada’s Founder,
    Hal Rogers O.C., O.B.E.  Diane Rogers 
served as the honourary spokesperson of the Hal Rogers Endowment
This bursary is awarded to the top scoring applicant of each year. 

    2020 recipient- Ryan George


Kevin Denbok   Kevin Denbok Bursary for Musical Studies

    The Kevin Denbok Bursary for Musical Studies, which was established at the 1987 National Convention to honour the
    memory of Kevin Denbok, is available to persons wishing to pursue excellence in the field of music at a school of
In 1982, Kevin Denbok became the first person in the history of Kin to be made an honorary member of the
    Association. Kevin, who suffered from cystic fibrosis, died on Nov. 24, 1986, at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto
    approximately two weeks before his 22
nd birthday. Kevin dedicated his life and his music to finding a cure or control for
    cystic fibrosis and worked extensively with Kinsmen and Kinette clubs across Canada to raise funds for cystic fibrosis
    research and treatment.

                                    2020 recipient- Brooke Fersovitch

Bob Pittman   Bob Pittman Bursary for Business Studies

    The Bob Pittman Bursary for Business Studies, which was established by the 1990-1991 National Board of Directors to
    honour the memory of Bob Pittman, is available to persons wishing to pursue excellence in the field of business. 
In 1990,
    Kin Bob Pittman, Past Governor of District 4, was made a life member of the Association. Bob dedicated his life and
    career to striving for excellence through personal development.

     2020 recipient- 


Ian F McClure

    Ian F. McClure Bursary for Business Studies

     The Ian F. McClure Bursary for Business Studies, which was established in 2019 to honour the contributions of Ian F.   
     McClure to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund, is available to persons residing in Ontario wishing to pursue excellence in
     the field of business. If there are no eligible business applicants in a year, applicants enrolled in a psychology program are
Ian F. McClure was a life member of Kin Canada. He served as the Governor of District 8 in 1968-69. He was the
     first Kinsmen to be president of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, where he served from 1976 to 1978. Ian F. McClure was also a
     generous supporter of The Hal Rogers Endowment Fund.

                                   2020 recipient- Takaya Michaud

winnipeg kinsmen logo

   Winnipeg Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Bursary

     First awarded in 2009, this bursary was named after the Winnipeg Kinsmen for reaching the $50,000     
     cumulative club donation level. 
The club requested the name include “Jackpot Bingo” to recognize the source
     of the funds.T
his bursary is awarded to the applicant submitted by the club,  or f there is no qualified 
     submission from the club, then the bursary goes to the applicant from the nearest geographical location to the

                                                       2020 recipient - Michaella San Juan

Kin Canada Foundation  Kin Canada Foundation Bursary

   This bursary made possible by 10-year funding from the Kin Canada Foundation. First awarded in
   2018, it will be awarded
 up to and including the year 2027.This bursary is in support of recipients with
   a military or first responder background.   

                                                                    2020 recipient-  Cole Sanford


 All 2019-20 bursary recipients 

British Columbia

Abirinder Brar
Jasmine Burmanmore
Nikaela Daclan
Khamael Johnston Leach
Meredythe Juch
Grace Kang
Grace Kim
Hayley Kruger
Jeannine Lindsay
Kurt Luchia
Emily Mackenzie
Madisyn Mackinlay
Ryan Martin
Elizabeth Rohlicek
Chantal Snow
Jennifer Wilhelmsen


Luke Bonnett
Jaydon Brown
Darian Dart
Charlotte Delisle
Brooke Fersovitch
Ethan Franz
Amy Georgson
Kylie Grover
Sofia Ivanchikov
Colin Mahon
Jayden Massey
Ashley Neth
Maya Newbold
Kimberley Page
Olivia Poole
Rhys Reukema
Amanda Roberts
Rebecca Taylor
Brittany Wong



      Nicole Baker
      Alexis Banda
      Leah Banks
      Areeba Bilal
      Jordi Hazen
      Shanae Olson
      Berkley Proust
      McKinley Stinson
      Elyssa Tacchi
      Corey Welch
      Shannon Williamson


     Michelle Conan
     Skylar De Jaegher
     Tristan Dyck
     Shae Gebre
     Navjot Gill
     Skylar Hardy
     Amy Haw
     Erin Honke
     Brooke Jarvis
     Braeden Krynen
     Allison Lunsted
     Dawson Maxwell
     Kale Mayor
     Madison McIntyre
     Terrance McMillan
     Mathew Miller
     Elianna Rose
     Michaella San Juan
     Corey Schroeder
     Victoria Thrun
     Fallon Wadelius
     Kristina Wilkinson


      Sheena Allard
      Ryelee Allen
      Audrina Anderson
      Olivia Demetrakopoulos
      Daphné Dupuis
      Ryan George
      Aliza Haq
      Alyssa Harvie
      Joseph Hudson
      Rashaad Ishmail
      Sarah Johnson
      Amelia Jones
      Lauren Martin
      Billie Martin
      Ashley Meier
      Takaya Michaud
      Hannah Mohns
      Michelle Parker
      Abbey Piatkowski
      Kaleb Riemersma
      Ceili Smith
      Adam Stevens
      Caitlin Sullivan
      Mattias Van Der Ley
      Cody van der Linde
      Micah Van Der Ley
      Abigail White


     New Brunswick

      Rose He
      Molly Hutchison
      Zane Jones
      Pier-Luc Lebel
      Ethan Nicholson
      Amelie Pelletier


      Kendra Bursey
      Cieara Chatman
      Jenna Freake


     Nova Scotia

      Samuel Hickey
      Jenna Hickey
      Jane MacDonald
      Hannah MacIntosh
      Jasmine Metzler
      Lance Milette-Letendre
      Broderick Murphy
      Cole Sanford
      Janelle Veinot

     Prince Edward Island

      Ethan Boyko
      Shaeya Thibodeau