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Bursary recipient collage

Kin Canada Bursaries, a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund (HREF) is proud to
have disbursed bursaries to 1214 students across Canada since its inception in 1994. 

This year, Kin Canada Bursaries awarded 72 $1000 bursaries to deserving students across Canada for their 2021-22 school year. Successful applicants were chosen based on their community
and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada and financial need. See the 
list of
recipients below. 


Named Bursaries

The Hal Rogers Endowment Fund disburses a number of named bursaries in honour of people/organizations who have shown support for Kin Canada Bursaries through their financial commitment and or advocacy for the program. 

Diane Rogers
   The Diane Rogers Bursary for Excellence

    The Diane Rogers Bursary for Excellence was established in 2019 to honour the longstanding contributions and     
    support of Diane Rogers to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. 
Diane Rogers is the daughter of Kin Canada’s Founder,
    Hal Rogers O.C., O.B.E.  Diane Rogers 
served as the honourary spokesperson of the Hal Rogers Endowment
This bursary is awarded to the top scoring applicant of each year. 

    2021 recipient - Victoria Starratt


Kevin Denbok   Kevin Denbok Bursary for Musical Studies

    The Kevin Denbok Bursary for Musical Studies, which was established at the 1987 National Convention to honour the
    memory of Kevin Denbok, is available to persons wishing to pursue excellence in the field of music at a school of
In 1982, Kevin Denbok became the first person in the history of Kin to be made an honorary member of the
    Association. Kevin, who suffered from cystic fibrosis, died on Nov. 24, 1986, at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto
    approximately two weeks before his 22
nd birthday. Kevin dedicated his life and his music to finding a cure or control for
    cystic fibrosis and worked extensively with Kinsmen and Kinette clubs across Canada to raise funds for cystic fibrosis
    research and treatment.

                                    2021 recipient - Kevin Donaghy

Bob Pittman   Bob Pittman Bursary for Business Studies

    The Bob Pittman Bursary for Business Studies, which was established by the 1990-1991 National Board of Directors to
    honour the memory of Bob Pittman, is available to persons wishing to pursue excellence in the field of business. 
In 1990,
    Kin Bob Pittman, Past Governor of District 4, was made a life member of the Association. Bob dedicated his life and
    career to striving for excellence through personal development.

     2021 recipient - Daniel Saavedra


Ian F McClure

    Ian F. McClure Bursary for Business Studies

     The Ian F. McClure Bursary for Business Studies, which was established in 2019 to honour the contributions of Ian F.   
     McClure to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund, is available to persons residing in Ontario wishing to pursue excellence in
     the field of business. If there are no eligible business applicants in a year, applicants enrolled in a psychology program are
Ian F. McClure was a life member of Kin Canada. He served as the Governor of District 8 in 1968-69. He was the
     first Kinsmen to be president of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, where he served from 1976 to 1978. Ian F. McClure was also a
     generous supporter of The Hal Rogers Endowment Fund.

                                   2021 recipient - Dornaz Amehdighomi

winnipeg kinsmen logo

Colin Edwards Kin Bursary

First awarded in 2009, this bursary was named after the Winnipeg Kinsmen for reaching the $50,000 cumulative club donation level. The club initially requested the name include “Jackpot Bingo” to  recognize the source of the funds. The name of the bursary was changed in 2021 to recognize Colin Edwards' 40 years of dedicated service to the club. This bursary is awarded to the applicant submitted by the club. If there is no qualified submission from the club, then the bursary goes to the applicant from the nearest geographical location. 

                                   2021 recipient - Raven Richards


Kin Canada Foundation  Kin Canada Foundation Bursary

   This bursary made possible by 10-year funding from the Kin Canada Foundation. First awarded in
   2018, it will be awarded
 up to and including the year 2027. This bursary is in support of recipients with
   a military or first responder background.   

                                   2021 recipient - Skylar Hazelwood


All 2020-2021 Bursary Recipients 


British Columbia

Ye On (Ellen) Choi     

Daniel Saavedra        

Mackenzie Walters


Jaydyn Anderson       
Paige Bidyk   
Laurence Blomme     
Gillian Francis
Jasmine Gill   
Moiz Hafeez   
Sacha Henry 
Malana Loxam           
Veronica Ortiz-Zelada
Erin Rowsell 
Masooma Tahir


Caralyn Engbers   
Muhammad Khan


Blake Alexander
Meadow Balanyk       
Kaiden Brasch
Donald Burney
Breanna Cairns          
Evan Chan     
Tenille Coulter
Jaylyn Deurbrouck
Kirsten Isaac  
Danica Metcalfe         
Bailey Morlock-Tellier
Jessica Pennock        
Graeme Perrie           
Hannah Peters           
Raven Richards         
Lindsey Rutherford    
Declan Smith 
Sarah Smith   
Taylor Stevens           
Terri-Lynn Turton       
Brooklyn Wirgau        
Jerilyn Wood   

A special thank you to the
Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg
for making it possible to
provide additional bursaries
in Manitoba this year! 



Michaela Alcock         
Dornaz Amehdighomi
Victoria Boyd  
Carly Burow   
Kevin Donaghy          
Brianna Ellis   
Saadat Ghauri
Hailey Grunig-Baynton           
Zion Hawton   
Basmala Heba   
Lucy Hur         
Aaliyah Jaleel 
Patricia Kruizenga      
Anna Louder  
David McBey  
Cheyann McTeer       
Madeline Mensher     
Gabrielle Phillips        
Harlee Reid 
Emily Suffrel    
Jordan Wills         


Sara Boubekri

 New Brunswick

 Victoria Starratt


 Rheanna Cassell 
 Alexandria Gray 


 Nova Scotia

 Rebecca Barkhouse  
 Skylar Hazelwood      
 Halle Loyek    
 Tegan McMahon        
 Keauna Moulaison     
 Cassandra Smith       
 Taylor "Reid" Sutherland

 Prince Edward Island

 No recipients