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14 Easy Ways to Spread KINdness

January 12, 2021
By Christine Stahl

2020 was a tough year and although 2021 is fresh and promising, there are many difficulties that most of us are still facing. Many are feeling the financial pinch, a lot of us are feeling lonely or isolated and almost everyone is feeling tired and weary. That is why kindness is more important than ever. Those small, sometimes seemingly insignificant kind acts can make someone’s day or week. They can bring encouragement, remind us of what is important in life and can inspire other acts of kindness.

Even from our own homes, there are many things that we can do to spread kindness to those around us and within our community. Here are some ideas of kind things you can do. 

1, Send someone a card/kind note
Who doesn’t love unexpected happy mail? 

2. Make a call
Is there someone you know that might be feeling lonely? A few minutes can let them know that someone cares and is thinking of them.

3. Clean the house for a family member
Surprise the person in your household who normally does the laundry or the vacuuming by doing it for them.

4. Shovel a neighbour’s driveway or sidewalk
Or maybe do it for the senior who lives down the street. Clean sidewalks are also greatly appreciated by anyone who has mobility difficulties or has to walk with a stroller.

5. Send someone a treat
Fresh doughnuts from that local bakery? Yes, please! It will make someone’s day and it supports a local business.

6. Make a donation
The need for foodbanks is up and many non-profits are struggling. Show your support by giving a cheque or some needed items (most even accept online donations).

7. Give Blood
It only takes an hour but can save a life. Find out if you are eligible to give and where to donate at

8. Run errands for someone
It can be hard for some people to get out. Ask someone if there’s anything that they need at the grocery store or pharmacy while you are out and drop it off at their door.

Kid-friendly Kindness list

9. Be friendly to the checkout clerk
Anyone who has ever worked in retail can tell you that they are often not treated well. Kind words and being treated with respect go a long way.

10. Thank a front-line worker
The evening pot-banging has stopped, but the work continues; find a way to let them know how much they are appreciated.

11. Pay for the coffee for the person next in line
It’s a couple of bucks, but being on the receiving end, you feel like you’ve won the lottery getting that free drink.

12. Sticky note the house with kind messages
Whether it is your partner, parents or roommate, they probably would love to hear that you appreciate them.

13. Praise/thank a colleague
You spend most of your week with your co-workers, either in the workplace or online. Let them know that they are doing a good job.

14. Get creative
Know how to knit? Make someone a nice pair of mittens. Handy with cars? Offer to change someone’s oil for them. Use a skill you have or think about what someone you know would really appreciate. It doesn’t have to be big to be thoughtful and bring a smile to their face.

Join us in spreading kindness 

On February 20th, Kin Canada is challenging Canadians across the country to be kind with our Great Canadian KINdness Challenge. We ask that you join us in this challenge by doing something kind for someone in your community and publicly sharing it using the hashtag #KinKindnessChallenge. Our hope is that those kind acts will spread to become many more, both on that day and throughout the year.

Are you up for the challenge? Learn more on the Great Canadian KINdness Challenge page!

Want to get involved in leadership, service and fellowship with a club near you? Check out our Find a Club database!

Great Canadian KINdness Challenge

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