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Letters from Britain 6: Best for Last

August 08, 2016
By Sarah Welton

Since last week was a holiday Monday, there was no Letters from Britain posted. However, you should still catch up on the letters from the week before, and then keep reading! 

This week's letters include some of the more interesting ones that were passed on by the National War Services Committee bulletin. With Milk for Britain's release coming up next Friday, it seems fitting to go over these letters this week. 

Not surprisingly, all of the letters for this week come from children, who definitely were the most creative and humourous when it came to the letters they wrote. 

First up is a letter from Hetty Spring, an 11 year old girl from Bewdley: 

Letter from Hetty Spring, Age 11

"Thank you very much for the dried milk you sent us. We all like it, it's so rich and creamy and it's lovely in puddings and custards. We shall miss it when the war is over (I can tell you). Thanking you once again . . . ."

It seems like every kid in World War II Britain who was directly affected by the Milk for Britain campaign had nothing but love for Canada, for allowing them to still have treats like puddings and cakes, as well as just having it on hand for drinking. 

The second letter comes from Sylvia, a little girl of age 4 who needed help from Keighley in order to write her letter. She had this to say: 

Letter from Sylvia, Age 4

"To the children of Canada, We thank you for the Powdered milk and other things you have sent us. I have been staying daily in this Day Nursery with my Sister Pauline for the last year after being evacuated from Hull."

And finally, the best for last: a letter from a young boy named Peter. Hal notes that it came with something more than the usual letters: 

". . . illustrated his closing thoughts with a pen sketch of how he will treat Hitler. The drawing is complete with "exploseve" on Hitler's head and a bomb en route marked "To hitler from me". This is Peter's letter " (quoted verbatim, as usual)"

Unfortunately, the drawing was not included in the package, but as stated, her is Peter's letter:

Letter from Peter, in North Cornwall

"Dear Friends in Canada: I hope you are all safe at home. You are verey [sic] kind to send us milk and cream. Matron says it makes lovely custard, and lovely pudding, and cakes. It is a kind heart that does it. Well I cant [sic] thank you for nothing but that (the milk) is somthing [sic] to thank you for. Well Hitler will know it when weve [sic] got him he will not havo [sic] nice milk from you but some exentry[?] bombs from all of us. It is Peter Thomson writing to you who as write before, I hope you received my last letter. Well I will close know [sic]. XXXXXXXLove, Peter."

While it's not clear what kind of bombs Peter is referring to in his letter, it is still one of the most unique letters that Kin received from Britain through the course of the Milk for Britain campaign. 

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