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Welcome Back!

September 04, 2013
By Melodie Morgan-LeMoeligou

Good morning fellow Kin and welcome back,

Back to school always signifies the start of a new-year and that means the new Kin Year is officially under way.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone's facebook posts about their kids/grandkids first day back to school. It is such a special day.

It was a special day for me as well; it means the kick off to one of the most exciting years of my life as National President.

I am looking forward to this year and getting out and seeing the amazing people who make up this organization from across the country.

When I began this journey almost 2 years ago (campaigning) I said two things, I am here to do what is in the best interest of Kin and being open and transparent. Fellow Kin, if you have any questions or concerns, my door is open.

Now let's get working as I know you can and make this an amazing Kin year to remember.


NP Mel

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