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Non-Profit Storytelling

Mar 11, 2014 Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

With the emergence (and dominance) of social media and other online tools in our daily lives, getting through to your audience can be tricky at times. How do you get through to someone who is constantly seeing ads, jumping around different social media sites and scanning headlines but rarely reading full stories throughout the day? One way is through storytelling, and telling your story properly.

Is There Anything Scarier Than Student Debt?

Oct 31, 2013 Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

Ghosts. Goblins. Devils. Vampires. Those are just a few of the standard scary costumes that are bound to be rampant this evening as kids go trick-or-treating for Halloween. While watching scary movies and dressing up in scary outfits and makeup is a staple at this time of year, there’s something else that can cause goosebumps, fear and worry all year round: student debt.