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Being Kind, All the Time

September 25, 2013
By Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness. Whatever you call it, the principle is the same: do something good and be kind to others. It seems to be such a simple idea, that one person doing something nice can lead to the recipient passing it on or learning something positive.

And while this type of mentality is becoming more and more trendy, there’s still a required learning curve for being kind, positive and friendly to those around you… all the time.  

This past April, over 100 Kin Canada clubs from coast-to-coast participated in the first annual National Day of KINdness. Members performed acts of kindness ranging from buying coffee for the person in line behind them to donating a basket for new parents at the local hospital.

A common act was carrying someone’s groceries and returning their carts. This simple, quick gesture gave big results; members were in awe at how much the person they helped would gush over how grateful they were and how they would pass it on.

The impact of these types of events has several benefits. It’s obvious that the individual who’s being positive, friendly and / or performing an act of kindness will feel good doing it and the person receiving the gesture also feels good, and is often flattered. But the best result is when the act of being kind starts to really stick, when kindness comes out naturally.

Recently, Kin Canada signed on as the fuel sponsor for the #KindEveryTime Tour run by the organization Be the Game. The Tour brings a 21 Day Challenge to stop bullying and create change to schools they stop in across Canada. This was a perfect complement to Kin’s own efforts to generate kindness and reduce bullying, and we’re looking forward to see how our two organizations can work together to have an even bigger impact.

You can follow Joe Drexler, founder of Be the Game and leader of the #KindEveryTime Tour, on Twitter and check out his website at


  • Oct 30, 2013
    By Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

    Hi Sarah,

    Be the Game has a list of cities they have confirmed they will be stopping / have stopped in. The list can be found at the bottom of this page:

    On top of that, they are hoping to connect with clubs as much as possible to see what kind of potential partnerships could arise, so I can put you in contact with the team and we can go from there.

    If you'd like to send me an email, I can get you connected to the right person.

    Lauren Schlaht

    Communications Coordinator

  • Oct 30, 2013
    By Sarah [Not logged in]

    Do you know how we get the #KindEveryTime Tour to come to our community? Is there a benefit with our partnership?

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