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Blood Donation Step by Step

If you want to ensure that your Canadian Blood Services donations go towards your District, follow the steps below. Note: you can retroactively assign blood donations as far back as January of this year.

Step 1

Create an account/Log in to your account with Canadian Blood Services. You must have an account with them to properly assign your blood donation. If you are creating your account and wish to assign a previous donation, make sure to use the email you provided during that donation to register your account. 

Step 2

Once you are logged in and have verified your email, click on Get Involved > Partners for Life > How Do I Join a Team? Once you're on the Join a Team page, click Register as a member online under "I have a my Partner ID".

Step 3

Fill out the Partners for Life Member Registration Form. Where it asks for your Partner ID#, choose from this list below, according to District. 

District Partner ID #
1 KINC110223
2 KINC010789
3 KINC110247
4 KINC110253
5 KINC110257
6 KINC110261
7 KINC110265
8 KINC110279


This will link your Canadian Blood Services account and all future donations to Kin Canada's Partnership Goals with CBS and your District goals.

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