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Kin Canada Diversity Statement

To be diverse in a professional environment refers to the acceptance of any and all recognizable similarities and differences between individuals or groups. We consider diversity to be the acceptance of all similarities and differences within the collective to the benefit of all associated individuals and Kin Canada. 

Diversity Principles 
Through Kin Canada's Diversity initiatives, we will establish and maintain an environment which:
• Attracts, develops, supports, and retains a diverse membership with the ability to serve our community’s greatest need
• Values individual similarities and differences
• Fosters consistent, mutual respect and open communication of ideas
• Increases our profile and growth by leveraging the knowledge, skills, and unique talents of our members
• Enhances opportunities for all members by working to develop each to their full potential
• Provides a rich, productive climate for creative thinking and innovation
• Is recognized by members and the community as a fair and rewarding organization to belong. 

Diversity slogan 
Collective strength through individual similarities and differences