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Citizenship Ceremony Host

First Name Nikki
Last Name George
E-mail forteriekinettes@gmail.com
Club Name Fort Erie Kinettes
District # 1
Number of Members 11-25
Community Size Medium-sized community (20,000-100,000)
Community Type Urban
Project Name Citizenship Ceremony Host
Type of Project (check all that apply) Other
If other, please describe Celebrating Canada
Was this project a fundraiser? No
Description of project
Service Hours 21-50
Did you leverage this project as a way to recruit new members? No
If you answered yes to the question above, please explain:
How was this project promoted in your community? Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada issues media releases and we promote on social media.
What were some challenges you faced with this project, and how could your project be improved? No problems encountered only positives.
What was the approximate budget for this project? Less than $1,000
If the project was a fundraiser, what were the sources of revenue for this project?
If this was a fundraiser, how much money was raised (minus expenses)? Not Applicable
What were the expenses for this project? We purchased two slab cakes, punch ingredients and the necessities to serve the refreshments. Less than $75.
Is there anything else you would like to share that would assist another club in duplicating this project in their community? Look for the closest Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada office. Although you may not have one in your town or city there will be one responsible for your area. Contact them and inquiry about hosting a ceremony in your community or at a special event. They often travel from their office to other communities in the area they are responsible for and look for hosts. Itís a great feel good event and although we didnít actively promote membership we did get an opportunity to let them know what we were all about while celebrating the new citizens and Canada.