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Kin Playgorund

First Name Ashley
Last Name Losier
E-mail slkinetteclub@gmail.com
Club Name The Kinette Club of Smoky Lake
District # 4
Number of Members 11-25
Community Size Small community (less than 20,000)
Community Type Rural
Project Name Kin Playgorund
Type of Project (check all that apply) Community Improvement Project (ex. Tree planting, Playground or Pool Build)
If other, please describe
Was this project a fundraiser? Yes
Description of project The Kin playground was in rough shape, broken boards, old equipment, nothing updated since 1997. We decided it was time to build a new one. Just shy of 3 years and we fund raised just under $300,000, with the help of grants, fundraisers, etc
Service Hours 100+
Did you leverage this project as a way to recruit new members? Yes
If you answered yes to the question above, please explain: I think once people realize what we did and how it has impacted our town, they will want to get in on our awesome club!!
How was this project promoted in your community? advertising, social media, fundraising events, word of mouth
What were some challenges you faced with this project, and how could your project be improved? A challenge was writing and finding grants. But then our playground company had grant writers that helped us out tremendously. The cost of our playground was also a challenge. It was a lot more than we originally budgeted on but we wanted to make it as great as possible

Project could be improved by adding more attractions, Otherwise we have a pretty awesome park
What was the approximate budget for this project? $15,000+
If the project was a fundraiser, what were the sources of revenue for this project? grants, donations, sponsorships, fundraising
If this was a fundraiser, how much money was raised (minus expenses)? $10,000+
What were the expenses for this project? The park itself, the rubber matting and the labour to install
Is there anything else you would like to share that would assist another club in duplicating this project in their community? If you want to do a playground, I would highly recommend Playworks