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Shopping With Santa Vendor

First Name Francine
Last Name Burt
E-mail francineburt@rogers.com
Club Name Kinette Club of Shelburne
District # 1
Number of Members 10 or less
Community Size Small community (less than 20,000)
Community Type Rural
Project Name Shopping With Santa Vendor
Type of Project (check all that apply) Toy or Coat Drive, Hamper Program, Adopt-a-Family, Member Recruitment, Other
If other, please describe
Was this project a fundraiser? No
Description of project This project was designed to raise money and awareness of the Christmas Hamper program that the local Food Bank runs. We advertised online and at local stores for Vendors - charged them $40 per table with a donation to the silent auction. Also, sold hot dogs and grilled cheese in the kitchen. Sold tickets for the auction table. Best part was the local Santa donated 2 hours of picture time, one of our kinettes took the pictures and email addresses and sent them to the parents. We also had a secret santa room, full donated "presents" that kids could purchase at $2 each for family members, price included gift wrapping. The children loved this idea.
Service Hours 21-50
Did you leverage this project as a way to recruit new members? Yes
If you answered yes to the question above, please explain: We had a table with a display with information pamphlets, free stickers, pencils and balloon with kin logo and cystic fibrosis donation information
How was this project promoted in your community? Facebook and word of mouth
What were some challenges you faced with this project, and how could your project be improved? Challenges: quality donations for secret santa room, visibility of project and competing vendor sales in community.
What was the approximate budget for this project? Less than $1,000
If the project was a fundraiser, what were the sources of revenue for this project? Table rental, food sales, raffle ticket sales, secret santa present sales
If this was a fundraiser, how much money was raised (minus expenses)? Not Applicable
What were the expenses for this project? Food and condiments, tickets, ticket license, wrapping paper, tape, and venue.
Is there anything else you would like to share that would assist another club in duplicating this project in their community? Plan early, shop yard sales for secret santa donations, research local vendor sales. Don't raise price of table too much, the vendors won't come.