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Day of KINdness Project

First Name Noah
Last Name Palaschuk
E-mail Kincampuscalgary@gmail.com
Club Name Kin Campus Club of Calgary
District # 4
Number of Members 11-25
Community Size Medium-sized community (20,000-100,000)
Community Type Urban
Project Name Day of KINdness Project
Type of Project (check all that apply) National Day of KINdness ideas, Member Recruitment
If other, please describe
Was this project a fundraiser? No
Description of project We handed out little chocolate treats on the U of C campus for National Day of KINdness. We were sponsored by Awake Chocolate - they donated about 300 individually wrapped, single portioned chocolates. We used the KINdness Day cards, added a label on the back with our contact information, wrote some kind notes/quotes/doodles on the cards, stapled them to the chocolates, and spent the day handing them out to students and staff on campus! It was a very easy and very fun project - it took only about 1 hour to put everything together with a team of 5 people, and it only took 30 minutes to hand them all out. It was a great way to spread some simple kindness to busy and tired students, and to spread information about our club! In the following days after we handed these out, our Facebook page views went up significantly.
Service Hours 1-20
Did you leverage this project as a way to recruit new members? Yes
If you answered yes to the question above, please explain: On our KINdness day cards, we stuck labels on the back with our contact information and Facebook page, so people could check us out and contact us if they would like.
How was this project promoted in your community? We promoted this project on our Facebook page and Awake Chocolate promoted our project on their Facebook page as well.
What were some challenges you faced with this project, and how could your project be improved? The only challenge we faced is that we didn't have enough! We only handed out about 300 treats, but we could have easily handed out 1,000! We handed these out only on the University Campus, but it could be improved by expanding the distribution areas!
What was the approximate budget for this project? No cost (ex. KINdness project, time only)
If the project was a fundraiser, what were the sources of revenue for this project?
If this was a fundraiser, how much money was raised (minus expenses)? Not Applicable
What were the expenses for this project? We had everything graciously donated to us by club and family members so our cost was $0.
The maximum expenses would be $30 for this.

Labels: White mailing labels for Inkjet/Laser printers. 4" x 1". 2,000 pack. $24.99

Staples: $4.89
Is there anything else you would like to share that would assist another club in duplicating this project in their community? This project is SO simple! We had so much fun putting the treats together... you could even make it part of a fellowship night! It is very easy to find local businesses who are willing to donate treats in exchange for some social media exposure! That is a great way to save money!