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Is There Anything Scarier Than Student Debt?

Oct 31, 2013 Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

Ghosts. Goblins. Devils. Vampires. Those are just a few of the standard scary costumes that are bound to be rampant this evening as kids go trick-or-treating for Halloween. While watching scary movies and dressing up in scary outfits and makeup is a staple at this time of year, there’s something else that can cause goosebumps, fear and worry all year round: student debt. 

Strategic Planning

Oct 22, 2013 Melodie Morgan-LeMoeligou

The National Board is moving ahead with strategic planning. We will be working with Aperio Management Consulting Firm.

Aperio is a management consulting firm that works exclusively with organizations (private and nonprofit) that have a social purpose. Their objective is to enable clients to recognize their most important challenges and opportunities, then create and implement strategic solutions to address them.

The future is now fellow KIN. Over the next few months we will be conducting interviews, surveys and focus groups. We want to hear from you. Please take the time to participate so we can say this is "our" plan.

Setting Your Club Projects and Fundraisers Apart

Oct 21, 2013 Bick Trinh

When members are sitting at the round table figuring out the game plan for the types of projects, events and fundraisers to do over the next year(s), it's best to conduct a community needs assessment as a starting point.

Here, as a team, you can assess what is the most important cause to support or service to perform to best meet your objective: serving the community’s greatest need.