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December 17, 2014
By Laura Hamilton

I recently attended a website information session put on by REM web solutions.  Here’s some tips:

First thing, first. Content. 
Figure out what information you’re going to put on your site. Do your Research. Look at what other Kin clubs and service clubs have on their websites.  Look at what Kin Canada and your district site promote.  Make sure you’ll have the time to update content that requires it.  TIP:  Don’t waste time and space duplicating content that’s on You can set up your pages to link to ours.  We update our “Kin History,” “HREF & Bursaries info,”  “About Us,” and member resources regularly.

Style. Layout.
If you site looks good, and is easy to navigate, people will spend more time on it. And if it’s fun, they’ll be there even longer. Write in language that sounds like you.  Don’t write your content like it’s a boring legal document. And use photos and embedded video.

 Findability. Meta Data and Key Words
“Key words” and “meta data” are important if you want Google (and the people using it) to find your site.  This findability is often referred to as your “search ranking.”  The better your ranking, the closer to the top on the search results you’ll be. 

A search engines look a few different places when it’s searching for your sight.

  1. The actual web address.  If you can get a web address (domain name) that includes your kin club’s name, that is the best.  We pop up when people search “Kin Canada” because it’s in our address: 
  2. In your meta data. That’s the hidden “back-end “section of your website. Be sure to fill it in.  The “Title” is what shows up in the tab.  Using Key Words like “Kin, Kinsmen, Kinette, Service Organization, Volunteer, and the name of your city is best. 


The meta description is what shows up on Google. (See image above and below)

    3.Content. Google will also search your headings within your content pages. So make them meaningful.

There's some basics to get you started. Websites are great marketing, informational, and recruiting tools. Are you making the most of yours?

If you have any questions on creating an online presence for your club, don't be afraid to ask. Or if you have feeback on our KinCanada site, I'd love to hear it. 


Kin Webmaster and Communications Coordinator. 

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