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Members Competing Soon in the National Speak-Off

July 26, 2013
By Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

With the Kin Canada National Convention right around the corner, the anticipation is building for what I consider my favourite part of the event, the Founding Members Speaking Award competition. This year, sixteen Kin members who competed and were selected at the club, zone and district level, will compete at the National level in St. John’s on August 14.

The winner of the Speak-Off will be given the Founding Members Speaking Award. The FMSA encourage members to develop and improve their public speaking skills and promotes self-development in Kin by means of public speaking. Each contestant will perform their 5-7 minute speech in front of the hundreds of delegates at National Convention.

For a taste of what these speeches are like, check out Jessica Steadman’s speech, the winner of last year’s Founding Members Speaking Award.

Find out more about our National Awards Program or watch videos of the other competitors.

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