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Riffling Around District 8 Convention

June 12, 2013
By Ric McDonald

Thanks Governor Ron and the D8 team for an enjoyable convention this past weekend. It was really good to hear all of the very meaningful discussions on the district’s direction. Kudos to everyone for such constructive and respectful exchanges of opinions and ideas on these important issues. Congratulations incoming Governor Julie and new VG Erin! Looks like exciting times ahead.

Glad to see a partnership with the Air Wing 420 taking shape. I’ll bet other districts couldn’t say they had celebratory tank and rifle rounds fired outside during meetings to keep everyone awake and entertained!

Well done all & thanks for having me.



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  • Jun 19, 2013
    By Maureen Emmons

    Thanks for taking the time to be with us and "rifling" through when the tech (audio) was unavailable.


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