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The Benefits of Award Programs

July 11, 2013
By Lauren MacDonald-Schlaht

Earlier today, Nadyne and I judged the Quill submissions, a Kin Canada National award that encourages the development of members’ written communication skills. Kin members submit their story at the district level, and each district is allowed to send up to two entries for consideration for the national award.

There isn’t any one topic the stories must cover; instead, it simply has to be a subject of interest to Kin. Unsurprisingly, as a result of this, we get to read and judge a wide variety of stories. Each one is unique to the member’s life and experiences, and you could tell they all came from the heart.

As someone who has a passion for writing, there’s nothing better than feeling other writers’ passions through the telling of their story, in their own words and style. It’s a very humbling experience to read about things like the gift of volunteering and the impact of being part of a service organization dedicated to bettering the community. Volunteers are a passionate bunch of people and the Quill award puts that passion on display.

Through the stories, we also see different perspectives on how we can reach more and do more in communities, and prepare for the future of volunteerism. These perspectives often impact choices we make as a member-driven association, so it’s important to hear them.

Being part of our awards program this year was a great experience. When we think about what benefits we get by being a part of something, whether it’s as a volunteer, employee, family member or friend, we often can’t put it into numbers. How do we measure the happiness and positive feelings from helping those in need? How many times will the once-shy individual benefit from the experience of entering our public speaking contest? I don’t think it’s too extreme to say the benefits of the experience of being a part of Kin can truly be immeasurable.

If you haven’t participated in an awards and recognition program through a group you’re involved with or at your place of work, I encourage you to do so. And if you’re a Kin member, check out the awards available in our Member Centre under Awards. You never know what you’ll get from something until you try it.

The Winner of the Quill Award

The winner will be announced at National Convention this August in Newfoundland and will be published in the October issue of KIN Magazine. Until then…

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